About Us

We think like owners because we are owners, and approach each project as if it were our own. Black Dog Construction (BDC), being a subsidiary of real estate development and hospitality company, gives us the unique perspective of looking at a project from the owners point of view. BDC offers the benefit of being a full-service firm with exceptional in-house resource and capabilities. By providing these services internally and locally, BDC ensures that our clients are receiving high-quality service. This translates into something that every owner and developer can appreciate – valuable savings of both times and money. With over 50 years of collective top management experience in construction, and our hands-on pro-active role, allows us to control each construction project from concept to completion. We provide personalized, turn-key construction services to Corporate, Retail and Industrial clients, with a special focus on Non-Profit Organizations. Our experiences includes new construction, renovations, expansion and encompasses projects of varying size, complexity and schedules for a diverse portfolio. Our Success is proven by the high percentage of construction projects awarded by our clients on a repeat or referral basis. If you can dream it, we can build it- we turn your visions into reality. Whether it's new construction project, an expansion or new look for your office, or a home remodeling, we pride ourselves in the quality of our work. We build and maintain strong relationships with our subcontractors to ensure they know what is acceptable on a Black Dog Construction project. As it should always be, we believe the CLIENT is the most important asset. Black Dog Construction has and we will work to maintain your trust and satisfaction. PointsofDifferences