While new building construction more often than not brings extreme intrigue, there is still an intense nostalgia for historic renovation projects. For many developers, hospitality vneus and community organizations, restoring a cherished part of history and maintaing their roots are critical to their end-usres and the long-term visions they have to satisy them.

Skimming, cherry-picking, prospecting. Removing building materials from one structure and repurposing them in another isn't a novel practice. On the surface, the process is straightforward: first salvage, then reuse. The trick is finding the right product at the right time & at BlackDog Construction we specialize in the advancement of reusing and repurposing materials for many of our projects. saving the historic value of certain items. In addition, saving time & money for anyone looking to demo their property.

BlackDog Construction has been building and developing properties exclusively for Landmark since the formation of the company. We are a subsidiary of Landmark Hospitality and Landmark Developers. Landmark own and operate distinctive venues, boutique hotels and impeccable restaurants throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Frank Cretella, founder of BlackDog Construction has over four decades of construction and development experience in the New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania urban markets. Completed projects ranging from restaurant, catering and hotel facilities, to mixed use transit village projects. Frank established Landmark Developers, a boutique real estate development company and its in-house construction firm, Black Dog Construction, enabling him to control all facets of his development projects, from concept to completion. Once construction and development is completed our hospitality and lifestyle company, Landmark Hospitality, takes over the project. Our experiences includes new construction, renovations, restoration, and expansion, encompassing projects of varying size, complexity and schedules for a diverse portfolio.