On the surface, the process is straightforward: First salvage, then reuse. The trick is finding the right product at the right time & at BlackDog Construction we specialize in the advancement of reusing and repurposing materials for many of our projects; saving the historic value of certain items. In addition, saving time & money for a client looking to demo their property.


Recovered salvaged materials from old and historical buildings is not only a sustainable and practical way to transform the old into the new but a growing industry.  Frank Cretella, the president of BLACKDOG CONSTRUCTION rescues and reclaims wood, copper, steel, and history from  buildings across the tri-state area for use in everything from furnishings and wall treatments to table-tops and one of a kind beautifully crafted spaces.  His training in interior and furnishing design, years of development and growth in the hospitality industry,  led him to develop a solution for the materials coming out of New Jersey, New York & Pennsylvania’s abandoned residential, commercial and industrial buildings. “It’s just beautiful material,” Cretella explains. “ It’s sometimes the original growth of reclaimed materials that adds new life to projects.

If you’re looking to downsize your physical footprint or rebuild into a structure that better serves your needs, you can benefit from the warehouse’s work in more ways than one. Not only can you keep reusable materials from wasting landfill space, you can also reap considerable tax profits from donating your building to this 501(c)3 nonprofit.

Showing off your use of reclaimed materials is more than a contribution toward your green building certification—it’s a statement that your organization cares about the environment. Your building’s story can reflect the community around it